Welcome to our website! We live on the beautiful West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. We want to share something of where we live with you, so be sure to check out our photographs.

Our days are spent doing whatever takes our fancy at the time. We go out with a local walking group on the first, third and if there is a fifth Wednesday of the month. We usually walk for about two to three hours including lunch and some of the walks are quite strenuous. If you look at our blog you will see some of the walks we have been on.

We go out on longer walks, up to two or three nights, and usually stay in DOC huts. We do carry a tent in case there are not enough bunks left by the time we arrive.

Every morning except Sunday we do some exercises. Based on Yoga, we start with Sun Salutations and a few other postures. We also do an exercise for our stiff necks, which are getting a lot better.